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I am amazed every day by the capacity of dogs to love and forgive the human race. I hope to give people a better understanding of what rescue is and why rescue is needed. The road is heartbreaking and frustrating. I meet so many dogs with such sad histories. And then I see them turn themselves around, with love and stability, and I think this is the happiest road there is, as well as the saddest. For the doggies, always the doggies. www.dreamdachsierescue.org

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hal is at the Rainbow Bridge

Hal went to the Rainbow Bridge tonight.

Ashley and David were there to hold him, kiss him, and tell him it was okay -- there would be plenty of squirrels and cats to chase, and ribeye steaks to eat that wouldn't hurt his tummy. He knew that they were there, and wagged his tail.

From George E. Odell:
We need one another when we mourn and would be comforted.
We need one another when we are in trouble and afraid.
We need one another when we are in despair, in temptation, and need to be recalled to our best selves again.
We need one another when we would accomplish some great purpose, and cannot do it alone.
We need one another when we come to die, and would have gentle hands prepare us for the journey.
All our lives we are in need, and others are in need of us.

Ashley and David were Hal's "gentle hands" tonight.
He has had other gentle hands along the way: Debbie, who got him out of the shelter, Theresa, who fostered him and first identified the chronic bowel problems, Heather and Derek, who brought Hal down to Atlanta, and all the people at Village Veterinary Hospital in Decatur.



  • At 9:28 AM , Blogger Kerstin said...

    My thoughts are with Hal.

    Thank you all for your great work. I know you gave him some good months with all your love.


  • At 12:53 AM , Blogger Brandy said...

    I continue to struggle with the lesson that life is not fair. I so deeply yearn for it to be fair and just. I want so much for us not to hurt when life is not fair. I know that Hal came to us to teach us something. For me, I learned by watching him how to have a good attitude and a good time even when not feeling well, and not to overdo it when enough is enough. Sometimes rest is the only thing that helps when you are sick. A loving presence can be hugely comforting when you are feeling down; even if it doesn't cure what ails you, it makes it a little easier to deal with. I know that he had to have felt all of our loving kindness, because he gave it back so freely and generously. I beleive God must have wanted him back in heaven so he wouldn't have to suffer here anymore. What a blessing for him to spend his last months here on earth surrounded by the biggest-hearted people there is. We will always love you and remember you, Hal! Thank you for the joy and lessons you brought us!

    Tears of love, Brandy


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